Insights Mobile App

A mobile platform delivering short-form stories on long-term market insights from a well trusted global investment management firm.



Global investment management firm, with over 6.5 Trillion in Assets


Empower institutional investors to make important financial decisions, with key insights on the long term market.


UX Lead


The Output

Partnering with the partner’s  UI designer and content team to develop new story-card templates to keep the content engaging.  We received ongoing feedback from our beta and user testers around content, helping shape the stories produced, and how best to display it.



Through workshops and testing outputs we were able to prioritize a series of actions that a user may want to take at the conclusion of each story. 

End Actions


Worked with content and engineering team to provide UX guidance in the CMS, to best suit content operations.



A fast follow for the MVP release of the app, I set up the CMS to accommodate publishing stories for multiple audiences and regions. 


The Outcome

In October of 2018, Mobile Insights soft launched in the iOS app store, with a larger announcement made in conjunction with the partner’s rebrand in November of that year. In Q1 2019, the app was released to Institutional Investors in Hong Kong. 


October, 2018 - US release
February, 2019 - HK Release


App downloads
Stories per session
Sessions per week


4.5 Stars on iOS App Store