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The Skinny
Visual Design & Branding
Social Media art

Facebook app built using Woobox

The Details
DIYers are a proud bunch, who accomplish beautiful things with their passion and the bare hands.  Minwax, a wood finishing brand, wanted to celebrate these hobbyist, carpenters, and up-cyclers with a new contest tied to their current advertising campaign, “I Did That”.

Behind every DIY piece is a story, and Minwax wanted to share it. Users submitted photos via Facebook and Instagram sharing the story of their beautiful work.  Once a piece is shared, users can vote and pick who deserves the $1,000 gift card, and Minwax products.

To keep interest in the contest going, we selected some of the best pieces to be featured as promoted posts with the “I Did That” contest branding.

Every piece has a story, and sharing it with the world is a winning experience for all.