Brett Grau • Product and UX Designer

Mobile PDR

Physician's Desk Reference

The Skinny
UX & Visual Design
Built for iPhone & Android Devices

The Details
Mobile PDR is a new drug reference and comparison app tailored for use in a doctor's office.  All the features and tools this new app has to offer are built around a centralized search. Drugs references can be searched by their trade name, generic name, and even their therapeutic class. The built in predictive search allows doctors to pull up full drug label information quickly, with minimal keystrokes.

The standout feature of this app is a drug-drug comparison tool.  Through the app’s global search, doctors can select multiple drugs to compare side by side, allowing them to make a better informed decision on what’s best for their patient. A global interaction checker is also built into the app, making it simple for docs be informed about any harmful reactions.

With the expansive database of PDR, and the simplicity of a single field search, Mobile PDR ensures a healthy experience for doctors, prescribers and patients alike.