Brett Grau • Product and UX Designer


The Skinny
UX & Visual Design
Assisted with content strategy
Responsive templates
Built using a custom Drupal template
Customized cross-site Solar search engine

The Details
With over 35 different members of the URJ family, we were presented with a unique problem, how do we fit everyone under one roof?  

To unify the movement, we brought everyone together on a customized Drupal platform. Being the center of the Movement as a whole, URJ acted as the main hub for all things Reform. By linking all the affiliates together in Drupal, a simple search on opened the doors to the rest of the family, populating results and content from each linked affiliate.  To ensure each member had a voice, we created a series of “building blocks” that allowed each affiliate to create their own customized websites, that feed back into the main URJ portal. Each affiliate was treated as a cousin, rather sister, allowing them to retain their own branding and image, but still look and feel like a part of the family at large.  This family couldn’t just be contained on desktop, I created a responsive layout allowing for all members to have a voice on the go.

Together at last, the movement can now have a cohesive digital presence, giving easy access to all the members of this diverse family.