Teacher Review Page

A digital tool enabling teachers to engage with and review student classwork, in real time.



Instructional Content Platform, delivering differentiated, non-fiction content aimed at k-12 learners.


Increase article assignments to
keep teachers engaged in premium offerings, such as the
Pro Binder.


Lead designer, partnering with product and engineering leads.


The Process

The Pro-Binder redesign,  the premium product offering, was scheduled to be released in time for Back-to-School 2016. During the beta-release, a consistent pain point kept recurring: teachers were having a hard time reviewing  their individual student’s work.


The Output

The Teacher Review Page added a left side tool bar to the teacher’s view of an article.



Once an article has been assigned
to a class, the teacher can dive into individual student’s view of that same article, and review and respond to their work.



Working with product and engineering leads, I helped make the case to scope this feature set into the upcoming release to the executive leadership team. 

The Teacher Review page launched along side the Pro-Binder to 100% of Pro Teachers in Q1 2017.


January, 2017


Increase article assigns on
the platform
Increase Pro subscriptions
and renewals